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It's almost time for the biggest day of the year...

Wednesday, November 2, 2022 - 15:40

Wednesday, November 02, 2022      

It’s that time of the year,

Nope, it's not Xmas yet….. It’s time for the BIGGEST day of the year as we host the annual ABACUS Eikestad Classic on Saturday!

It's all culminating to the Grand Opening of the Clubhouse revamp. We are looking forward to a great week at the club and I hope to see you all around at some point.

Is this beautiful or what!

October Mix Competition

Next time you feel like enjoying one of your better rounds of golf at a rather good pace – play with Three Clubs and a Putter. That’s what we did on Sunday as we flew around the golf course and boy, was I surprised about the scores and just how well most people played. We even managed a hole-in-one on the day – yip, Peter Jungbeck played the perfect shot on the 15th hole.

Our Champions in October were none other than Johnnie and Mareta Loubser who played with Tim and Marietjie Pollard, scoring a massive 86 stableford points with only 16 clubs between them. Quite amazing!

Let's hear it for our loyal and amazing sponsor Cluver & Markotter – thank you so much for your continued support over many, many years.

Best Sunday of the Month

Rules corner

Crazy Crazy Crazy is this game at times and its rules – what can one say? We all know that the Rules of Golf do not allow for Mulligans. You are never allowed a free do-over (unless you e.g. hit the rare overhead electrical wire.) But…during the recent Cazoo Open de France Thomas Pieters was involved in an incident during the second round (hole 3) which looked like he was allowed a mulligan!

As you can see, Pieters was putting when – during his backswing – one of the spectators coughed. This distracted Pieters so much that he purposely stopped his forward swing. But… he did not stop it in time to prevent the putter from striking the ball. Since there was not much speed in the putter head the ball only rolled a few feet (of an approximately 12-yard putt).

What do the Rules of Golf say about that?

Rule: Definition of a stroke.
Well, the definition of a stroke states, that as a starting point it is a stroke if you make a forward movement with the club with the intention of striking the ball. BUT, it is not a stroke, if the player during the downswing decides not to strike the ball and avoids doing so by either 1) stopping the clubhead before reaching the ball or by 2) deliberately missing the ball.

Since Pieters did not avoid striking the ball, it was a stroke. Therefore, Pieter should have played the ball as it lay.

What if intention stopped?
However, the referee on site ruled that it was not a stroke and that Pieters therefore (without penalty) should play from the spot where he last played. You could say that the referee allowed Pieters a do-over, or a mulligan. This might seem like a wrong ruling, but maybe the reason for this decision was that the referee had some other information from the player, e.g. that his intention was to stop before beginning the forward swing. In such a situation Rule 13.1d(1) most likely applies, and it states that if the player accidentally moves the ball on the putting green, it must be replaced without penalty and played from that spot.

It is difficult to decide exactly when the intention stopped. Normally, it is reasonable to assume that a little time would elapse from the moment the golfer’s brain notices a cough until it decides to stop the swing…and that there will also elapse a little more time before the brain then communicates this to the shoulders, arms, and hands!

After viewing the video, it seems (in my opinion) like the referee’s ruling was wrong. In my opinion, Pieter’s intention did not stop until the forward swing had started… and therefore it should have been judged as a stroke. This conclusion was the same in Decision 1-4/1 from the old Rules (before 2019), which is not in place anymore, but it has been clearly stated that they (with the exclusion of Decision 1-4/1) did not intend to change the law. To clarify, the DP World Tour’s chief referee officially announced afterwards that the referee’s ruling had been wrong.

Referee’s ruling could not be changed.
Since it was not possible to correct the (most likely) wrong ruling, the ruling stood (Rule 20.2d), and Pieters was not penalised.

Let's talk rules

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Three cardinal rules I teach my associates in longevity

Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you coming….

Slowly is the fastest way to get to be where you want to be…..

The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next – so keep climbing….

There is nothing greater than giving back as we move to the end of another wonderful year at Stellenbosch GC with so many great things that happened in the last 10 months. I just love this time of the year as we head into this great week!

Keep it down the middle,