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Monday, July 30, 2018 - 16:04

Greetings fellow golf and wine friends,

Getting spoiled two weeks in a row is special. From the Mandela Challenge on the 18th, to a dance around the golf course on the 25th with the 4 Ball Alliance scoring format being a waltz. One, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three...

As Beyers mentioned during the prizegiving, he did ask us (his 4 ball) to hold back a little to give the other players a chance, hence him two-stepping on some of his tee-shots. Well played to the winning team of Arno Kotze, Mr. Bezuidenhout (that was funny, if you attended the prizegiving) Allen Hodgkinson and Eon Venter. As usual we did not only get spoiled on the golf course with two lovely wet holes, but the red wine afterwards was fantastic!

To Beyers and “Bogey” van Straten and the rest of the team, thank you for your wonderful support towards Stellenbosch GC.

Okay, I’ll tell you why Barnie’s name changed to Bogey - He is the most consistent golfer with a 3 wood off the tee, scoring 17 x bogeys and 1 x par. Well Played Bogey!

The winning team of the Beyerskloof Golf Day with Christiaan and Brakkies from Beyerskloof

Since 27 July 1904...'till now!

What a honour to celebrate a birthday, even more when it’s a 114-year-old birthday! Wow! Stellenbosch GC was constituted on the 27th day of July 1904 and on Friday we had a few extra glasses on this very special day! The original golf course, for those who are not aware, was where the University of Stellenbosch Engineering Faculty is today, or shall I say the land right behind it.

The first Captain of Stellenbosch GC was Prof JT Morrison and the first President elected was Hon JX Merriman. In 1953 Stellenbosch GC moved to the property where we still enjoy our golf today. Although the layout and sequence of the holes have changed over the years and increased from 9 to 18 holes, much has stayed the same. One of my most prized possessions is a scorecard of the original 9 holes on the current property! Although we are all for change and evolution I think somewhere inside every golfer there is a love for tradition. This is probably why one of my other favorite events of the year is the Honorable Gentleman, this year being played on the 24th day of September 2018, with a lunch between the rounds.

August is Women’s Month!

Yes please! We are celebrating National Women’s Day on the 9th of August throughout South Africa. The government even makes it a public holiday so we can all enjoy our day out on the golf course and then spoil the ladies in our lives with a delicious meal on the deck as the sun sets over Table Mountain.

On Tuesday the 7th the traditional (there’s that word again) the Stellenbosch Ladies will be enjoying there annual Mary Queen of Scot afternoon on the golf course followed by wee dram of whiskey at prizegiving, to celebrate the tradition (there’s that word again) of the lady known as the Mother of Golf!

In the mid-1500s, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots played on the Links at St Andrews and kept a vacation cottage there, often doing her own shopping and cooking. An avid golfer who has been referred to as the “Mother of Golf,” the athletic Queen helped popularize the game. Unfortunately, her hobby was a factor in her demise. The daughter of the Scottish King James V, Stuart made a bold statement by playing a round of golf a few days after the murder of her estranged husband, Lord Darnley, causing her to be accused of cold-heartedness and creating suspicion she’d had a hand in the deed. This eventually led to her imprisonment and beheading by her rival, Queen Elizabeth I, who considered her a threat to the English monarchy.

To escape Catholic-Protestant tensions, the strong-willed Queen often headed to St Andrews to play the game she’d learned living in France in her youth. Wearing her pearly countenance and jeweled headdress, the imposing beauty displayed prowess at golf and other sports, including hunting, horseback riding, hawking, archery and lawn bowling. Stuart rode a horse like a man and often golfed with her ladies-in-waiting, including Mary Seton, who was given a necklace after beating the queen in a match at Musselburgh.

Mary, Queen of Scots is credited with introducing the word “caddie” into golf’s lexicon. In France, military cadets carried golf clubs for royalty and were referred to as “cadéts.” Stuart is thought to have imported the term to Scotland.

Known for her love of the outdoors and fondness for animals, Stuart’s incarceration for treason against Elizabeth I was a brutal blow. An eccentric and outgoing monarch who dressed as stable boy to explore Edinburgh by night, she was thwarted by her enthusiasm for power and golf. Her son, James VI of Scotland, became King James I of England after Elizabeth’s death and helped establish the course at Royal Blackheath.

Then on the 11th & 12th of August we are welcoming Ladies from all over, who will be participating in the Boland Mid / Senior Tournament at Stellenbosch GC. Traditionally (okay, okay I’ll stop using the word now) around 80 ladies join us for the annual event sponsored by Global Accommodation. The course will be closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning and reciprocity has been arranged at the following golf clubs: De Zalze GC – R230 & Paarl GC – R200 & Devonvale GC - R180

Go ladies!

July Mix Competition

On Sunday we hosted our 7th Mix Competition for 2018, the aim for the year is to see if we could go all the way through the winter and we comfortably attained that goal with 40 ladies and 40 gentleman taking part on Sunday! The winners – Linda Harris, Lente Botha, Fritz Haeberli and Pierre De Villiers on 90 points.

The winning July Mix Comp Team with Ladies Captain, Leonie and Pierre at prizegiving
Lucky Draw winner – Ciska Serfontein & Leonie (Thanks Carol)

What better way to kickstart the month of August dedicated to Women! See you all for the August Mix on the 26th.

Group One Nissan Stellenbosch Challenge

On the first day of the club's new financial year, 1 August, we are all pegging it up in the 6th round of the Group One Nissan Stellenbosch Challenge. Four more rounds to go after this one, with the grand final being on the 12th of December 2018.

We are in the final straight, but golf is a great and funny game with strange things that has happened in the past. All I’m saying is it’s the best 6 out of 10 rounds.

Justin does it again!

I end this weeks Dog’s Tale with a song in my heart as Justin Harding seals his second win on the Asian Tour, making it two from two starts! We are all very, very proud of you here at Stellenbosch GC, Justin, congratulations from all of us! Watch the winning moment below.

Secondly, weatherman Pete is predicting rain later in the week towards the weekend and we all know how we still desperately need the rain and bucket loads of it…Let it rain!

Have a great week,