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Greetings from Stellenbosch Golf Club

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 07:34

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Dear Members

As you may or may not know, I will be stepping down as captain at the AGM on 25 October 2017, after a six-year term on the committee.

My final captain's report, which will be presented at the AGM, does include a message to our members, but I do know that there are many members who will not get to see the report, hence my writing to you via our newsletter.

I look back with a great deal of gratitude and appreciation, having being entrusted with the role of captain by our members, and in all sincerity, it has been a very fulfilling and enjoyable journey!

One of the main contributing factors has been the overwhelming support and encouragement I have received form our members since being elected. Many, many thanks for your friendliness and dedicated contribution in making our club great, and my job a whole lot easier. Our success in growing our club even further this past financial year, can be largely attributed to the response from our members to opportunities of participating in a variety of golf and other events at the club.

I would also like to thank our president, ladies captain and committee for their commitment and positive spirit during the many meetings and other deliberations we had regarding the affairs of the club. Being captain of the club is a team effort, and I was privileged to serve alongside passionate golfers, who only have the best interests of the club at heart.

To our general manager, Chris, the Management team and staff, you have carried our club to new heights in the recent past, and we know you are ready to push the limits even further. Under the courageous leadership and direction of Chris, I have complete confidence that our club is destined for greater things, as we become a club for the whole of the Stellenbosch community, ensuring our long term sustainability.

To the incoming captain, best wishes and may your term in office be an exciting one!

Kindest regards to everyone, have a blessed, fast approaching festive season!

It was an honour serving the club and its members.

Schalk Burger

Greetings fellow Golfers & Friends,

Santa says it’s only 70 sleeps 'til Christmas or for those of you that work in weeks there are only - 10 weeks left – hard to believe we are on the last few holes of 2017...

One to go...! Isak Theron and Gerhard Oosthuisen won the penultimate round of the Group One Nissan / Renault Stellenbosch Challenge. The last round promises to be extremely exciting with a very bunched leaderboard!

1 James Newman & Tallies Taljaard 261
2 Hugo Heunis & Fred Kieks 258
3 Dewald Cloete & Gerhard Beukes 257
4 Johann Roelofse & Annalise Roelofse 255
4 Pieter Coetzee & Ludwig Raal 255
4 Louis Destroo & Jaco Laubscher 255
4 Frikkie van Wyk & Francois de Vries 255
5 Stephen Loubser & Hennie Terblanche 254
6 Eben Archer & Karl de Bruyn 250
6 Johan Bredell & Danie Smuts 250
6 Gerrie Jonas & Bertus Kriel 250
7 Johan Hugo & Grant Gainsford 247
8 Kowie du Toit & Johan Naude 245
9 Rupert Bosch & Andre Kruger 239

Carlo Wernich from Group One Nissan / Renault with
Wednesday winners Isak & Gerhard

It’s a shotgun start at 13h00 for the annual Checkers Odd Bins Day on Wednesday with its unique format...All you have to do is play well on the right holes then sit back and see if your playing partners do the same thing!

For those of you that have not played this event during the last couple of years, please take a moment and familiarise yourself with the format of the day. Then join us for some wine and cheese kindly sponsored by Ladismith Cheese and Checkers Odd Bins.

Competition format on Wednesday for the Odd Bins Day

1. It is a 4-Ball Colour Ball Stableford Alliance of which the colour ball is compulsory (e.g. a yellow ball, orange ball, pink ball) - two scores to count.
2. The colour ball always strikes first.
3. The colour ball always counts double.
4. If player handicaps are the same, one can choose who plays first with the colour ball.
5. The colour ball rotates from hole to hole between the four ball. The format should be as follows:

The lowest handicap plays with the colour ball on holes: 1, 5,9,13 and 17
The second lowest handicap plays with the colour ball on holes 2, 6, 10, 14 and18
The third lowest handicap plays with the colour ball on holes 3, 7, 11, and 15
The highest handicap play with the colour balls on holes 4, 8, 12, and 16

NB Note: The colour ball always tees off first, after which anyone can follow.

6. The usual rules of the Stableford competitions are applicable, except where the colour ball counts double points, namely: if two points with the colour ball are obtained, they score four points and if any white ball gets three points, there are seven points on the scorecard recorded.

7. The white ball is never out of play. If the colour ball's double points is less than that of the white balls, points, the white ball's points will count.

8. If the colour ball is lost, another colour ball must be used.

9. In the event of a tie, the following count out process will be used: Second 9, first 9, then from 1st hole until a winner is determined.

We are starting the week on a postitive note with some much needed rain yesterday and today, let's hope this wet weather continues for as long as possible as we head into summer.

All the best,