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Dia dhuit!

Friday, March 8, 2019 - 14:51

Dia dhuit!

What a way to greet, I wonder how many of you would know from where this hello comes from? It’s Irish, and we are heading there in March for our next mixed competition! But before we start speaking Galic, drinking Guiness and Jameson, let me tell you more about Mauritius on Sunday!

Our day on the island will be remembered for a long time…It was all and more than we expected, but for one member, Jerry Callow, it was a dream come true! Jerry and his lovely wife did not win the day, but they did win the lucky draw trip to the island! Are you jealous? I could see a few people on Sunday that were! Winning the day with 48 Stableford points was the team of Pierre De Villiers and Luana Shaw, but who looked the best? With a unanimous decision, the best dressed were the team of Stephen Weber, Ine Weber, Noreen Sturrock and Fritz Wirth and boy, they did dress the part!

A huge thank you to World Leisure Holidays for bringing, hosting and sponsoring ths day at Stellenbosch GC!

The rule has not changed...

What rule, you might be asking? The one I see being breaked week in and week out. Rule 15.3a. See below the interpretations of the rule.

If you did not see the incident over the weekend on the LPGA, the following link shows it and the player's action of stepping forward and then rocking back after looking at the other player shows intent on both sides. They should have both got at least a 2 stroke penalty.

There’s interesting comments on Twitter after the video, which say the coverage was removed from the Tour's Twitter account. But there’s always someone who has managed to download it first!

Rule 15 .3a Interpretations:
15.3a/1 – Breach of Rule for Leaving Helping Ball in Place Does Not Require Knowledge

In stroke play, under Rule 15.3a, if two or more players agree to leave a ball in place on the putting green to help any player, and the stroke is made with the helping ball left in place, each player who made the agreement gets two penalty strokes. A breach of Rule 15.3a does not depend on whether the players know that such an agreement is not allowed.

For example, in stroke play, before playing from just off the putting green, a player asks another player to leave his or her ball that is near the hole, in order to use it as a backstop. Without knowing this is not allowed, the other player agrees to leave his or her ball by the hole to help the other player. Once the stroke is made with the ball in place, both players get the penalty under Rule 15.3a. Interpretations to the New Rule of Golf – Draft of August 6, 2018 83.

The same outcome would apply if the player whose ball was near the hole offered to leave the ball in play to help the other player, and the other player accepted the offer and then played.

If the players know that they are not allowed to make such an agreement, but still do it, they are both disqualified under Rule 1.3b(1) for deliberately ignoring Rule 15.3a.

15.3a/2 – Players Allowed to Leave Helping Ball in Match Play
In a match, a player may agree to leave his or her ball in place to help the opponent since the outcome of any benefit that may come from the agreement affects only their match.

Better safe than sorry. Next time go up and do the right thing by marking the ball!

Another happy group enjoying their time at Stellenbosch GC!

Age is just a number

It was the Millennials who walked away as the Champion Generation in our inaugural event in 2018. I played in a special 4 ball with Duimpie Bayly, Chris van der Merwe and Jaco Laubscher, the format an alliance and an individual stableford, with the latter counting towards your generation's score. Although I’m not quite a Millennial, it did feel good to be surrounded by the young guns and to lift the trophy and hey, in our 4 ball I was the youngest looking by far!

I hope you can join us on the 21st in the morning followed by lunch and prizegiving. If you need help with creating/filling your 4 ball, which must consist out of one of each of the generations, never fear as the staff in the shop is near for assistance. Please contact them, they will gladly help.

Age is a scary, scary thing that sneaks up on all of us, but for the lucky few, they will still be able to play golf. Some will even be able to play great golf - Dewald Botha was selected to represent the Boland Super Senior Team at Wingate from the 8th - 12th of April 2019. Great to see Dewald still competing at his age especially for the Super Senior Team – GO Dewald!

Windhoek Pairs

We’ve had some success in previous years in the annual Windhoek Pairs with Carel Nel & Fred Kieks playing in the final at Omeya GC. This year Edwin Hertzog and his partner for the day, Andre Crafford, will be representing Stellenbosch GC at the next round after they made 47 Stableford points last Wednesday. Dr Hertzog had a great day on the course shooting 74 (gross). Not quite his age, but nevertheless a wonderful round. Best of luck for the following round!

Thank you, Callaway!

What a great day we had with Callaway last week giving the members the opportunity to try the new Callaway Epic Flash!

Villiera Wines supporting our Ladies Section

May Rodenhuis and Carol van Niekerk was the first winners of the new par 3 sponsors on Tuesday for the ladies. Villiera will be spoiling the ladies each Tuesday with their mouth-watering wines. I know the ladies will be supporting them not only on Tuesdays, but every time they visit the club. Another great sponsor of Stellenbosch GC – Thank you Villiera Wines!

We welcomed Group One Nissan back

It was the first of ten rounds yesterday as we welcomed Group One Nissan back! And we kicked off with a bang as one would expect… Welcome on board to their new Dealer Principal, Johan, it was wonderful meeting you and having you at prizegiving last night. Walking away as champions after the first round winning the count out from overall winners in 2018, Gerrie Jonas and Mossie Mostert, was Marius De Bruin en Gerhard Kuhn on 47 Stableford points.

Our Champions after the first round!

Go, Justin go!

Our man is playing in the Qatar Masters this week – go low, I’ve got that feeling…#yodagolf.

I hope you all have a great round this weekend and I will leave you with something very special, a message I think most top golfers would love to get:

From all the members at Stellenbosch Golf Club we are proud and happy with you!

All the best,