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Wednesday, July 10, 2019 - 20:28

Top of the morning,

It’s been a while since my last Dog’s Tale… I had a wonderful time with the family enjoying everything this wonderful country of ours has to offer. From the Namaqualand to the Kalahari, ending off in the beautiful Cederberg. So to everyone who enjoyed a bit of holiday time with those special people in your life, welcome back and I hope to see you back at the Club shortly.

Justin will be pegging it up in the Scottish Open this week, don’t stress the man is close to the form we have all grown accustomed to. Golf is an amazing game that can so easily break you, but so easily give you the best feeling, all in a matter of 4 hours!

Branden Grace with Justin and Guy Klue at Pebble Beach during the US Open

The Honourable Gentlemen for 2019

The Honourable Gentlemen for 2019 once again did not disappoint with 56 gentlemen joining the annual event. The day was first played in 2015 when it was introduced by Chris, our General Manager, who wanted to celebrate and enjoy the traditions of golf. After the morning foursomes during lunch it was all smiles for the captain’s side, leading 19 - 9. The captain and his men worked out that all they had to do was pitch up in the afternoon and victory was sealed….. NOOOOOOOOO the president and his team arrived in the afternoon winning 10 matches (equating to 20 points), resulting into victory for our president, Leon De Wit, and his team. The final result was 29 - 27 for the president's team. Five wonderful years down the line, the president and his team now leads overall with 3 wins vs 2 for the captain.

The Honourable Gentleman of Stellenbosch 2019

Harcourts winelands

Just before I left, Harcourts spoiled us with another wonderful day. It was the second round of the four-part series culminating in September with the grand finale! Winning the second round and taking a comanding lead in the overall series, Ben Grib and Pierre Henning. Thanks Harcourts Winelands – now let’s all go out and buy a house!

Pierre and Ben with Jaco, representing Harcourts Winelands for the day

Handicaps Network

Most of you might have seen the Newsletter from HNA that went out in May regarding the handicap calculation changes. For those of you who did not, I have inserted it in my Dog’s Tale this week. Enjoy the read and if you have any questions please let me know and I will assist.

The reason I am inserting the newsletter is some members asked me over the weekend if they can already take the nett double bogeys when they play instead of a ring two over par. Well the answer is for the moment it’s still a ring double, except if you double stroke on the hole. In that case a player can go three over par on the hole. The “new” calculations will only be implemented later in the year, as you will see in the letter below. First part in October and then the World will unite in one handicapping system in January 2020.

No one really likes change and while we are pleased that the major changes to the Handicap System are behind us, there are, however, still a few less disruptive ones to come.

This month we provide you with a broad overview of the current GolfRSA Handicap Rules and then highlight the changes planned to be introduced in October 2019, followed by the final changes to be introduced in January 2020 to comply with the World Handicap System launch.

Please don’t worry if you don’t understand some or all of it, because we will be going into more detail with both the clubs and you, the golfers, over the next few months – so there will be plenty of communication before any of the changes are introduced.

So for now the status quo remains…

Then I came back and we played the June Group One Day in July, with the weather playing along. By the way, we’ve had 71mm of rain during the last 11 days – why you might ask – because it’s winter off course! Bring on the rain and let’s fill the dams…

Back to our wonderful sponsors, Group One, and leading after the 4th round, the team of Ben Grib, this time with partner Piet Slabber, again made his way to the podium winning the June-in-July day with - 46 Stableford Points.

Well played gentlemen and at the same time let’s once again put our hands together for the wonderful sponsor in Group One!

Ben & Piet with Neels our wonderful sponsor Group One Nissan / Renault

In Die Skroewe met Pat Pretorius

Pat Pretorius describes herself as “a golf fanatic.”

She has been a full member of the Stellenbosch since 1985 and has made many friends at the club through the years.

Click here to read the full interview.

Wellness Day

Let’s end July on a healthy note – especially if you are on Discovery’s Vitality program - but no excuse if you are not. We will be bringing the health assessment to the club for your convenience on the 27th of July.

Book now to avoid disappointment – bring the family and afterwards why not enjoy some lunch?

Have a great one,