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Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 12:11

Greetings from Stellenbosch Golf Club

Congratulations and happy birthday,

Can you think of any better way to celebrate your birthday than by hitting a hole-in-one? So where do I start,
happy birthday Christo Meyer and congratulations on your hole-in-one on your birthday (72nd) on the 7th hole
with a 7 iron! #HappyBirthday #HoleInOne

Hole-in-one-time for Christo on the 7th

ABC Security joins Stellenbosch GC on Valentine's Day for the first of 4 sponsored days during 2018.
Chatting to Stephen Nelsonfrom ABC Security last week he did hint about something special on Wednesday.
With only three 4-balls still open, make your booking now... #ValentinesDay2018 #SponsoredDay #Surprise

Last week we chatted a little bit about the rules of golf, I then posted a question at the end, you must all be
wondering what the answer is? We had a great response from our members and friends reading the
newsletter. But what made me smile was that it was the low handicappers that went quite high with their
answers. The winner: Five-time Boland Inter Provincial Captain – Riaan Gerber (Jnr). How many times
did Riaan think a 3-ball broke the rules of golf knowingly or unknowingly during a round of 18 holes –
204 time – WOW! Sadly, it was a little bit higher, the total was around 400 times, that is 22 times per hole,
7 times per person per hole. Some of you might be laughing now and be thinking to yourself, this is not
possible. A few examples would be the following: Not marking your ball when placing, or even worse,
moving the ball with the golf club into a preferred lie (a favourite I see weekly); taking a drop when it is
not allowed and then dropping it in the wrong spot and to top it off; not correcting your mistake,
to name but a few. This just means penalty on penalty on penalty and as the saying goes ignorance of
the law is not an excuse. Congratulations Riaan, a dozen Titleist Pro V golf balls are waiting for you when
you visit the club again.

Cobra F8 launch at Stellenbosch GC on Friday 16 February from 14h00. Come and experience a next
level driver! Then start your weekend off by joining us from 16h00 till 18h00 for a Long Drive Competition
while enjoying some music, a cold beer and a boerewors roll - now does that sound like fun or what!

Last week our General Manager, Chris wrote in his newsletter to the members about the water situation
at the club and he shared our success story with you all. I received this photo taken from the air on Saturday,
lucky for us it does not look as bad from the ground where we are hitting the ball longer than ever and
enjoying every moment of it! #HittingItLong #DrySummer#BeautifulGreens

The photo was taken by Neville Carew from his plane on Saturday 10 February 2018
(in some way it’s a beautiful photo)

On a lighter side of things Peter Hill sent me a funny story about what happened to them on
the golf course during their Saturday morning round – here goes:

“Great mirth yesterday. Andy Allman (new member) and his friend Steve joined Peter on Saturday
for a round of golf. Andy had to tee off on the par 4 17th. Peter was paying no attention as he was
filling in the scorecard. When he looked up Andy was facing in the wrong direction, just having played
his very good drive off the 17th tee down the fairway of the par 5 12th. Long afternoon ensued...”

Great to know that in the end there are always something to laugh about! Why not share your
funniest story at Stellenbosch GC with us all, the best story will receive a R500 gift voucher from
Stellenbosch Pro Shop.

Ps. Don’t think this was Peters' best story, rumour has it the best one is yet to come!
#FunnyStory #LetsShare #WhoWillWin

Look who came to visit...On Friday Marizan and her new baby boy Franco came to visit us at the club.
It was great to see a bubbling Marizan and she did admit to me that she is missing us terribly!
#BabyFranco #MissingMarizan

For the last 15 years my golf partner has been trying to get me into better shape, not on the
golf course, but in the gym.. so I am humoring him and making 2018 my year! It’s going to be
hard to think of a funnier story than this one for me – but I’m sure I will be able to come up
with one... #2018HereWeCome

Click to watch

My time on the treadmill was a lot better than Roy’s on the putting green! He did not see the
funny side to this...
#ItHappensToTheBest #OnlyHuman #FivePutt

Click to watch

Looking forward to another busy, exciting and full week at the club. #LivingTheDream

All the best,