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Beginner Programs

Anyone interested in starting golf should be advised not to try starting on their own, or even be coached by a friend/relative, as it is extremely important to learn the basics/fundamentals correctly. These fundamentals are not as straight-forward as one may think, and they need to be understood together with the effect they have on a person’s technique.

If this is not the case and the person carries on by him/herself, he/she will develop further faults while subconsciously trying to fix the fundamental faults and so fall into a vicious cycle. By the time he/she does come for a lesson, it will often take longer and be more expensive to fix the faults than if they would have learnt correctly right at the beginning.

Our beginner programs are therefore a thorough introduction into this great game, starting with the fundamentals of the golf swing and moving through all the various golf shot fundamentals, as well as the most important rules & etiquette elements. Time on the golf course is always included.

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