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Coach: Erich Kliem (Head PGA Teaching Professional)

Ability levels: Intermediate or advanced

Duration: Ideally 1 hour but can also be done in half-hour segments. Ideally takes place on the course but can also be done on the range.

Programme Content: An assessment is the only logical way to find out where you are with all elements of your game at any point in time (technical, mental& equipment wise), and to find out what can be done in order to bring about improvements, or which programme would be most suitable for you.

Number of participants: Should ideally be taken individually to ensure efficiency.

Times: Weekdays at flexible times as well as on alternate weekends. On-course assessments are subject to course availability.

Cost: R700/hour or R390/half-hour. The assessment can also be integrated into the cost of your suitable programme.The rate includes range balls, equipment if needed and any time spent on the golf course.

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